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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

J Blogging

Blogspot is annoying me in that it it gives me the Japanese version of its site, so I keep hitting the wrong buttons. I've deleted several entries by mistake. Proper netiquette dictates that they have a link in English that one can click to get the English version, but I haven't been able to find it. On the good side, the their site translation has been half-assed enough that some things are still English. However, the contact customer support page isn't one of them, so I don't know if my email got through. But I AM in Japan, after all, and should be practicing Japanese. However, I think that blogspot could do a better job of proofreading. In the below example, the only thing I can read in the sentence is misspelled, and it happens to be the name of blogspot's core product.

Bog が公開されました

G blogging

G is here. See pictures below.

So far I don't have anything that interesting to report. I met them the night they arrived and we had a few beers. Then I met them last night, and did the same. The weather has been poor and I have to catch the last train around midnight, so we haven't gone "all out."

Today the crew is meeting me in Kamakura, and we will cruise the temples and shrines.

Room Brew

One of these guys is getting hosed on the beer. Posted by Hello

G and I went to a conbeenee (convenience store) to get beer and snacks. God as my witness, there were no potato-flavored potato chips. They had pepper and mayonaise flavor, sea weed flavor, and an assortment of fish flavors. We got grilled chicken flavored chips. And a very large can of beer.

Last Man Standing

Posted by Hello

This is their room. Actually, it's quite a nice place, they are just all piled up in one room. In this photo we see that G is the only one leady to lock. Note the two brothers on either side in back. They sleep in exactly the same pose. Sister in front is taking care of the ubiquitous Mac product placement.


He's happy becuase he's finally catching up, beer-wise. Posted by Hello

They had just gotten the hang of chopsticks and were too afraid of losing it to put them down.

Pork or Chicken

Just what you want to eat in Japan. Korean food.
It's all pretty much the same, anyway. Posted by Hello

Monday, May 23, 2005

Spell Check Part II

The following words are not spelled correctly according to the spell checker.

Fellow Bloggers

I looked at some other blogs today. Here are some interesting ones.

Most painful:
She could have beaten me to the punch with the re-re-translation, but I think this stuff comes straight from her head.

Most incomprehensible:
"impure reconstruction " is an understatement.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Nice Buns

Thank God the wait is finally over. I saw on the news tonight that the famous Bun Scramble of Hong Kong will resume this year! The scramble has been banned for almost 30 years due to the collapse of the bun towers and resulting injury. But this year the towers are back up and the bun snatchers will be back in full force. Yahoo news is on the case (note the URL).

This is the most unremarkable picture one could take at a Bun Festival, or festival of any kind. But the caption is fantastic.