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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Mi-chan update

Mi-chan is "our" cat.

The Family has covered most of the comfy chairs in the living room with sheets to keep them from getting all catted up. But recently Mi-chan has figured out that he can burrow beneath one of these sheets, and make himself a nice, cozy spot to take a nap. This renders him invisible, which is probably the point as far as he`s concerned. Although very adept at using chairs, he seems unaware that others also use them and that said others are many times his size. Wife has made a little sign for us to put on chairs where Mi-chan is sleeping to prevent Mi-chan from becoming abstract art. As I write this, Wife has carefully peeled the sheet away from Mi-chan`s face and they are staring at each other through a magnifying glass. Mi-chan is far less interested than Wife is.


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