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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Narita Airport

We got about 15 minutes before boarding. I received one of the oddest haircuts in my life about an hour ago at the airport. Acutally, the haircut itself is great. The part is so sharp you could cut cheese with it. The barber was deaf and mute and needed instructions written for him by another barber, a woman with about a pound of piercings in and around her face. She was working on the guy next to me who had his head wrapped in Saran Wrap with a ring-shaped gizmo swirling around his pate. He would not have looked out of place in Star Wars. I had opted out of the shapoo and blowdry upon arrival, but when Wife caught up with me she said, "You should get the shampoo and blow. You'll feel better."
"Yeah, but I just washed my hair this morning."
"You'll feel better." Then she told piercings to get me the shampoo and blow dry, which is "shampoo toh blow kudasai." And piercings wrote it on the notepad for the guy cutting my hair. Now I look like chairman of the young Republicans.

Wife just informed me that she has completed her souvenier shopping, and we have yet to leave the country.

Gotta go.


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