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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Charities, webcam

Thanks for the well-wishing emails you guys have sent. I have passed along the sentiments to mom and sis, and they really appreciate it. Every little thing is a comfort now, even someone you've never met hoping you're OK.

I got some weird blog comment spam in my comments yesterday, so now there are great sagging gaps where I deleted them. Blog comment spam. Good candidate for Most Rediculous Phrase if used 10 Years Ago. Also, not a bad band name.

It seems, yesterday was Donate to Charity day in the blogosphere, which it seems, I am in. Instapundit has a vast number of links to charities to donate to. Amazon put a Red Cross button on their home page. It does not seem to have the dramatic money counter that the Tsunami link did, though. I don't have any interesting or dramatic charities. Probably can't go wrong with The Red Cross or Salvation Army. Lowes Home Improvements is matching individual donations, so if you want to feel good about yourself go out to a Lowes and throw some money their way. Pickup a new tape measure or something, so they'll have some incentive to do this again. If Lowes isn't convenient for you, I understand. It's just not convenient.

Since I am farther from the disaster than all my half-dozen readers, I can't imagine I would know something you don't. But I got this: These guys have generators and are blogging from an office building in downtown NO. One of them is apparently hot. They report literal and complete lawlessness. Anyone who is on the streets is in immediate danger of being robbed and killed. It's that bad. These guys report shots being fired at rescue works and police looting. New Orleans is not the least corrupt place in the country, but I'll give the cops the benefit of the doubt when they are stealing guns and SUVs. Bashing up ATMs, is a different story.

They have a live webcam that I get to work off and on, but it's not always interesting.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please have your mom call me in Fort Worth - I'm worried about her.
Lisa Staples

12:49 PM, September 02, 2005  

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