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Location: Kamakura, Kanagawa, Japan

Friday, February 18, 2005


Work bloging. Apparently, Hogarth doesn`t need me today, so I`m "working" on the Bridge. This work consists of translating some quality assurance forms so I`ll know what they mean. We`re on break now.

Apparently, there are some people that everyone bows to when they walk through. My guess is that these guys were customers. There was a meeting going on upstairs, and when itlet out everyone left through the Bridge. As they walked through everyone on the Bridge stopped what they were doing, stood up, and bowed. They stayed standing until the customers left. When I say "everyone" I mean "everyone except me", of course. There was a lot of kooter-kissing going on at my last company, but little bowing.

BTW, workblogging is more dangerous that I thought. This is one of the few websites I go to that`s in Japanese. So anyone looking would know what I was doing. But we are on break now. The chime will sound the end of the break in about a minute thirty, and then it`s back to work.


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