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Friday, April 29, 2005

still have all my fingers

Working life has gone thusly.
After a week of staring down the nutter I went on to drills and shavers. The drills are in the die-making section of the factory, as opposed to the parts-making section with the smashers and nutters, and it's a lot quieter. If you screw up a part you throw it in scrap and get on with life. You probably made 3,000 perfect ones. If you screw up a die...well, you just don't. So the die section operates and a more measured pace.

I did a day of metal shaving. Shaving metal is pretty much the same as slicing ham at a deli. But since steel is not pretty much the same as ham, the shavers are enormous. There are five of them, and one slightly befuddled oldtimer who runs them all. He takes in blocks of steel and sends out blocks of steel that are 5 millimeters smaller.

I did a few days of drilling. One of the drills is computer operated. Throw in your recently shaved block of steel, tell the computer where it is, then get the hell out of the way. While the machine slides the block around, flips drill bits, and pokes holes, it is also spraying andriod blood everywhere. This is a lubricant for the drill. So the block and drill are enclosed behind a grimy window, and you have to wipe the andriod blood off of everything when you're done.

To be honset the guys in the factory had a hard time finding work for me. There's a reason why X many people work in the factory and not X+1. So I spent a lot of time standing around a watching with my hands clasped behind my back to retard the finger severing process.


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