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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I'm Being Watched

Literally. Right now. Recently we hired some new workers from China. We have a recruiting office over there. It's in the middle the middle of nowhere, China. The last batch of workers we got did not have indoor plumbing or 24 hour electricity back home. On a visit to their Japanese apartments, Shacho found that they were keeping goldfish in their bathtubs. It's morning now, and I got to work a little early. The new Chinese workers got here a lot early, as today is their first day. Right now they and I are the only ones in the office. So as I'm typing this they are sitting at a table in their shiny new uniforms, drinking canned coffee, speaking in hushed tones, and studying my every move. This is probably the first time these guys have ever seen a Westerner.

I should go over there and do a card trick or something, so they will think I have magical powers.


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