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Sunday, April 30, 2006

T plus 1 week

Not much to tell...hold on, baby woke up...

Later...Aika Jane has added squirming and stinking to her short list of skills....hold on, baby woke up...

Later...While it's possible these will be Olympic events by the time she's old enough to compete, I wouldn't want to hang my hat on it. So we are working on equestrian and table tennis, but it's slow going....HO,BWU...

L...Particle physics is also a stumper. Perhaps we should wait on mastering the concept of spin until she masters rolling over. Though I think her concept of a nipple-shaped universe has promise....HO,BWU...

L...And what does any of this have to do with a disgusting fish? This is the Japanese idea of a celebratory gift for a new mother. The fish is a red snapper, in Japanese a tai. And omedetai is the word for an event worthy of congradulations, esp. a birth. So it's all a nifty pun. My farovite part of this picture is the little plastic flower. It's to make it look pretty.

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And how boss is this?

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