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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Duck Season ... Rabbit Season ... BUG SEASON!

Spring time. When a young man's heart turns to thoughts of love. In Japan it turns to thoughts of entomology. The rhinoceros beetles makes a spiffy spring time pet. A hardware store I went to was a one-stop shop for all your beetle needs, be they rhinoceros or stag. The cool thing about these bugs is that they hate each other. So it's easy for a young lad to get together with his chums and make their bugs fight.



Super bugwater...

But in these busy times what kid has the time to track down his own bugs? Not to worry. The hardware store has the solution in these pre-moistened containers.

But in these busy times what kid has time to go to the hardware store? Not to worry. There is Mushiking, the King of Beetles, a combination video game and collectible card game. You swipe the card of your champion bug into the machine and pit it against your friend's bug. The contest is based on rock, paper, scissors, but somehow your bug's individual strengths and weaknesses are taken into account. Also, the machine dispenses fresh beetle cards.

Make sure you read the story of Mushiking. It tells the story of all the bugs of the forest living in harmony with each other and with a single elf. But trouble starts when foreign bugs arrive in the forest, and now the bugs must rise up against the foreign ... hey, wait a minute.


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